BN ProductsVoted the most innovative tool at the World of Concrete Show, the BNCE-20 can cut a variety of materials including rebar, all-thread rod, coil rod, EMT conduit, steel rod and tubing, copper tubing, chain, and padlocks. It is designed to cleanly cut the material FLUSH with the surface, with a unique blade guard that greatly reduces blade exposure. Each cut is cool to the touch and burr free. The tool offers flexibility and comfort with its removable handle, which can be placed in three different positions on the tool, and a button that adjusts the trigger in three directions for any cutting style. The BNCE-20 is a lightweight tool, weighing only 7.5 pounds, and features an opening to attach an optional bag for burr collection.

Kit includes:

  • blow-molded carrying case
  • two blades
  • bag for collecting burrs
  • spare brushes for the motor
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