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  • BN Products: Cutting Edge Saw Demonstration

    Voted the most innovative tool at the World of Concrete Show, the BNCE-20 can cut a variety of materials including rebar, all-thread rod, coil rod, EMT conduit, steel rod and tubing, copper tubing, chain, and padlocks. It is designed to cleanly...
  • NEW ProForm F3 Harness by Werner Fall Protection

    Werner Fall Protection’s new ProForm F3 harness uses patented built-in relief cords to remove pressure from leg straps after a traumatic fall, allowing workers to stay suspended more safely and for a longer time during a rescue. With a standard harness, the...
  • Generac’s Magnum LINKTower Wins RER Innovative Pro

    This versatile, portable light tower allows one-person maneuverability, fits through a standard doorway, and is powered by a standard 120V outlet. Durable LED modules provide the same powerful illumination as a full-size LED light tower, with the added versatility of its compact...
  • New Defender Series Truck Boxes by WEATHER GUARD

    WEATHER GUARD has introduced a new line of affordable truck boxes that are built with professional grade protection, security and weather resistance. The Defender Series™ features tamper-resistant locks, steel-reinforced looped strikers, D-shaped ribbed weather stripping, and heavy-duty welded aluminum box construction....
  • New Wright Tool Video

    New video explains who Wright Tool is, what they do, and why they do it! The Lawless Group has a long and distinguished history representing Wright Tool, and there is good reason for our success. Founded in 1927, Wright Tool is...
  • Werner: Setting up a Fall Protection Harness with a Twin

    For 100% tie-off applications, Werner’s twinleg SRL (Self-Retracting Lifeline) provides continuous fall protection while ascending, descending, or moving laterally. It is designed for maximum flexibility and protection, allowing workers to move from one location to another while staying protected 100% of...
  • Toughest Lasers on the Market

    Spectra Precision LL400 Keeps on Working after Dramatic Drop No other laser in the industry can withstand this kind of punishment. Take a look at this LL400 that was dropped and kept on spinning! Spectra Precision lasers are built tougher than any other...

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