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Covid-19 Response

The Lawless Group is committed to keeping the supply chain open during this pandemic, while continuing to follow all CDC and local government guidelines and safety protocols. All of our locations remain open and are safely operating to service our customers.

To help ensure a safe work environment, all employees are instructed to:

  1. Wear a face mask or covering while at work.
  2. Check their temperature every day before beginning work, using an instant hand-held infrared thermometer at the front desk, and recording their temperature in the log book.
  3. Sanitize their hands every day before beginning work.
  4. Disinfect their office areas at least once per week as well as support disinfecting the common areas of the offices.
  5. Practice social distancing at all offices when groups of people are gathered for a meeting or other event.

All of our sales reps continue to work from home to limit the amount of people in the offices. Our sales reps are always welcome to the offices to pick up samples or sales literature or to meet with other colleagues. We allow training sessions for our sales reps as long as they are held outside or in areas where social distancing can be achieved for all attendees and all safety protocols above are followed.

We are now allowing third party visitors to our offices, such as personnel representing our manufacturers, as long as they follow all our safety protocols listed above.