FDA approved hand sanitizer is now in stock with 65% alcohol content, available in various sizes for any work environment. Single-use beverages reduce the amount of touches on shared surfaces. Bottled water, electrolyte replacement powder sticks, and individually portioned Folgers Coffee products allow employees to safely recharge while adhering to new work place protocols.

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitect® Professional strength hand sanitizer is 99.9% effective against harmful germs and bacteria, and is available in several sizes: 8oz, 16oz, and 1 gallon jug with hand pump.

Active Ingredient: 65% Ethyl Alcohol FDA Approved NDC CODE: 73763-465

Made in USA in FDA OTC Approved Facility

Folgers® Coffee

Folgers Filter Packs, Vacket Packs and Fraction Packs deliver the consistent, rich coffee flavor employees love while reducing risk of contamination on shared surfaces.

Pre-measured formats enable employees to get the perfect pot every time.


Help prevent heat stress with Niagara Bottled Water and OVERTIME™ Electrolyte Replacement.

OVERTIME™ Shotz are specifically portioned for 16.9 oz bottled water, which not only helps replenish your body’s fluids, but also adds nutrients such as potassium and sodium, to give your body what it needs during long shifts.

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