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Q?What kind of products do you sell?

Primarily, we represent manufacturers of construction, industrial, and safety products.
Q?Who do you sell to?

We sell to distributors only. Our customers serve various markets, primarily in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi.
Q?What services do you provide?

SALES: Our award winning team of account managers continually exceed our distributors’ expectations, with a level of support and expertise second to none. MARKETING: We provide marketing communication solutions that support the sales channel at multiple levels, from manufacturer to distributor to end user. The breadth of services we can provide rival much larger agencies. LOGISTICS: Warehousing local inventory serves the manufacturer by enabling us to process fill-in and spot-buy orders, and it serves our distributor client by allowing the bundling of various product lines in one order. TRAINING: We are committed to helping our manufacturers and distributors reach their sales objectives through product training and demonstrations. Huge investments have been made in several training facilities that help us achieve our goals.
Q?What is Lawless Advantage?

Direct purchase from The Lawless Group offers certain advantages to our distributor customers. Appropriately named, the Lawless Advantage program can be used if you do not have an account set up with the manufacturer, OR you cannot meet their order requirements, OR you want to order products from more than one manufacturer on a single purchase order. The “Advantage” often includes reduced inventory and freight costs, among other benefits. Not all lines are available through Lawless Advantage, and the program is mostly dependent on items we stock in our warehouses. Please contact your account manager for more details.
Q?Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, but only on orders where The Lawless Group processes payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, with a minimum order of $100.00. Orders that are processed through the manufacturer most likely cannot be paid for with a credit card.
Q?What about C.O.D.?

We can ship C.O.D. for distributor customers only, who must provide a sales tax exemption certificate made out to The Lawless Group for the products that are being purchased.