Folding Light / Overhead Temporary Lighting / Floodlights / Headlamps / Handheld Lamps

Folding Work Light

Rechargeable battery powered, this unique folding work light provides light where you need it, from the floor or mounted on a tripod using the included adaptor. It can be opened up to any angle for maximum versatility while aiming light in any direction. The folding light is IP65 rated to keep out water, and includes a car charger. | Watch Video

Overhead Temporary Lighting

Available in 100W (13,500 lumens) or 150W (19,500 lumens) models, these overhead fixtures provide powerful, even light. Easy-to-carry handles are used to hang the lights, making setup quick and easy. | Watch Video


Up to 10,000 lumens, able to charge phones with built-in USB, Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones for on/off access, a magnetic base for flexible mounting, swivel frame aims light where it’s needed, can be corded or run on rechargeable battery – what more do you need in a versatile work light? | Watch Video

Personal Lighting

Always where you need it most; on your head or in your hand, these headlamps and hand-held lamps offer many features; headlamps can be removed from strapping and mounted using magnetic base, can be worn with hard hats, and can be turned on/off with the wave of a hand (useful when work gloves are on); hand-held lamps, with swivel arm, include light bar and spotlight modes, can be hung with incorporated hook, or mounted with magnetic base. | Watch Video

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