Werner Fall Protection’s new ProForm F3 harness uses patented built-in relief cords to remove pressure from leg straps after a traumatic fall, allowing workers to stay suspended more safely and for a longer time during a rescue. With a standard harness, the leg straps become so tight after a fall, they begin to cut off crucial blood flow to the legs. The new ProForm F3 brings a new way to think about fall protection, by giving workers Function, Fit, and Freedom.

  • Built in Relief Cords allow you to reach a gravity override seated position immediately after a fall
  • Lightweight, athletic design and materials
  • Dual-Back pad system provides cooling airflow and breathability and can be repositioned after a fall to reduce pressure on the clavicle
  • New WebAlert2 inspectable webbing makes wear or damage clearly visible and contains a weather-resistant coating
  • Durable and convenient label pack keeps product labels protected from the elements and allows for personalization
  • The SRL bumper protects the lower back from frequent and nuisance contact when wearing personal SRL’s
  • Aluminum Cam Torso provides easy adjustment for ultimate fit
  • Aluminum Quick Connect buckles include green indicator for visual sign of proper engagement
  • Innovative roll down torso web keepers allow convenient excess web storage
  • Focused padding minimizes weight and bulk, while inner compression layer reduces contact points and promotes airflow
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