Schaefer Defender Series Ionizing Air Purification System

The Schaefer Defender™ Series indoor ventilation system introduced by Pinnacle Climate Technologies radically improves indoor air quality and creates safer, cleaner environments for workspaces and gatherings. It’s the only portable, self-cleaning ionizing air purification system on the market, utilizing a proven technology – Needle Point Bipolar Ionization (NPBI®) – with the added power to cool any location. Ozone free NPBI technology has been used in more than 250,000 applications worldwide, including hospitals, airports, and schools. It is safe to use across commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

How it Works:

Millions of positively and negatively charged ions are produced, traveling through the air and continuously seeking out and attaching to harmful particles – including pathogens. Contact with ions disrupts surface proteins, rendering the pathogens ineffective. Dust, pollen and smoke particles cluster together, making them easier to target and remove.

The Schaefer Defender Series has two products in its initial offering, with six total models available. The fixed direction and Oscillating WayCool® Portable Evaporative Coolers are available in white and grey options, while the two Versa-Kool® mobile drum fans are available in white or black options.

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