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Igloo RECOOL® Biodegradable Cooler

Introduced in 2019, RECOOL® is the world’s first biodegradable, compostable and recyclable cooler. It opened the door to a new business category for Igloo; one focused on more thoughtful products and initiatives to shrink its footprint on the planet. To date, Igloo has sold more than 575,000 RECOOL coolers, reducing demand for those squeaky foam coolers that pollute our environment. In fact, many municipalities have banned the sale of foam coolers, making RECOOL a great alternative; legal in every city, county, and state in the country.


One significant improvement worth noting is the new Thermecool™ Insulation now used in every Igloo hard-side cooler manufactured in the USA, the result of a multi-million-dollar investment and over 9 months of development. This new, proprietary insulation formula lowers CO2 and VOC emissions, making it over 50 times better for the planet than the law requires (compared to traditional foam insulation). That’s the same amount of CO2 converted by 152 million acres of trees in a year.


Igloo is also committed to using bioplastic compounds derived from sugarcane plants to reduce the dependence on petroleum based resins. The iconic Igloo Playmate will be the first style made from this new material. The new ECOCOOL collection is the first of its kind, made with post-consumer recycled resin (primarily recycled yogurt cups and milk jugs). The first production run is expected to save the landfill space of 10 football fields.


Igloo operates a nearly Zero Waste facility in Katy, Texas. Up to 60% of every plastic cooler is made with recycled materials. Excess resin removed from the molding process is recycled and combined with new resin using unique “regrind” machines.

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