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More than a vendor, The Lawless Group is a partner, both to the manufacturers they support and the distributors they serve in the industrial, commercial construction and safety markets. A solutions-based company founded in building relationships first – and results that follow.

Our Reach

The Lawless Group is a collective of regional partnerships operating with a unified message from corporate to the jobsite: PIONEERS FOR GROWTH.

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Markets We Serve

Our Regions

The Lawless Group has been and is headquarted in Dallas, TX, for over 42 years. Dallas is home to our operations, customer service, marketing, logistics and warehousing programs.
The Lawless East team operates out of Nashville, TN and is led by Justin Vailes, President. They serivce: AL, DE, GA, FL, KY, MD, NC, SC, TN, VA and West VA
The Lawless North Central team operates out of St. Louis, MO and is led by Tom Northcott, President. They service: IA, KS, MO, MN, ND, NE, and SD
The Lawless Midwest team operates out of Addison, IL and is led by Dan Gilligan and Jeff Warmolts, Presidents. They service: IL, IN, MI, WI
The Lawless Southwest team operates out of Missouri City/Houston TX and is led by Mark Schindler, President. They serivce: AR, LA, OK, MS, West TN and TX
The Lawless West team operates out of Chino, CA and is led by Eric Stone, President. They service: CA, AZ, HI, NV and NM
The Lawless Rockies team operates out of Denver, CO and is led by Charlie Cronin, RVP. They service: CO, ID, MT, UT, and WY
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Our Vision

To be the nations’ most trusted and most powerful indispensable partner for manufacturers.

Our Pillars

  1. Impact People that tackle challenges. We’re risk-takers, innovators, and experts in our channels; pioneers that lead the way, that impact sales.
  2. Trusted Service we’ve been building relationships for over 40 years, our service has earned the trust of our customers and is the power of the Lawless brand.
  3. Innovative Coverage we are never stagnate, we are always progressing towards new solutions to engage customers and end-users.

Executive Leadership

Richard Lawless
  -  Executive Chairman


  1. Foundation First
    Faith & Family
  2. Time At The Ranch
    A piece of Heaven on earth
  3. Fun & Sun
    Boat life or bust
  4. Life Motto
    If you ain’t dreaming, you ain’t living
  5. Hello. Hola. Nǐn Hǎo.
    To be a “Buddy” is to be a friend

Richard Lawless is a visionary whose beginnings were solid hustle. Richard has the unique perspective to see opportunities where others see roadblocks. He is a master at seizing the moment of these opportunities and investing in the right team to execute these visions.

Richard founded the Lawless Group with his late father, Darrell Lawless, over 40 years ago. Darrell was an industry veteran who built this business’ foundation on the principle of relationships move product. Richard continues this legacy. He believes in authentic, honest, and fun customer experiences that create loyalty. This experience is still the Lawless way.

A way that has kept customers and employees on board for over 25 years.

A way that continues to grow year after year.

A way people want to be a part of it.

Richard will never lose the hustle; it is his true passion. Today, Richard is the Executive Chairman, focused on the company’s guiding principles as well as mergers and acquisitions. He continues to ensure his vision sparks motivation and supports probability. His focus is on preserving the unique culture, along with customer experience and engagement for the Lawless Group network.

Richard knows to leave a mark on the world, you must invest in people. The Lawless team is his most proud accomplishment. He is dedicated and passionate about ensuring that the Lawless Group is and remains an agency where employees, manufacturers, distributors, and end-users can thrive.

A way where people do in-fact – Move More Product.

Jack Templin
  -  Chief Executive Officer

1. Rooted In Faith
On Sunday and every day
2. Titles That Matter
Husband & Papa-Jack
3. Lake Life Livin’
Always a yes, to fun and sun
4. 18 Holes
Sun, 70s and 18 holes are a perfect day
5. If You Know, You know
Thanks & Gig’ Em

As the Lawless Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Jack is responsible for cultivating engagement, collaboration, and purposeful innovation across the agency’s regional network. Jack is a vigorous problem solver with a keen ability to innovate and grow businesses. He has a proven ability to integrate strategic leadership and a solutions-oriented technique across the agency’s customer relationships. His dedicated to satisfaction, operational excellence, team growth and accelerated results for manufacturers, distributors, and end-users. This sets the tone for engagement and delivery across the Lawless Group network.

Jack champions connected engagement across the entire organization. This focus on the group’s regional connections and unity elevates the network’s reach for manufacturers, distributors, and end-users.

Templin has more than 25 years’ experience within manufacturing and distribution. Templin joins Lawless after having spent over 10 years at Affiliated Distributors (AD). Most recently Jack served as President of the Electrical & Industrial business unit. Prior, he served in various senior leadership roles at Stanley Black & Decker and WESCO Distribution, where his responsibilities included sales, marketing, and operations.

When Jack is not focused on building relationships, he enjoys spending time with his wife Shelly, his daughters, and granddaughters.

Blake Eaton
  -  Chief Financial Officer

1. Titles That Matter
Husband & Dad
2. Goes The Distance
Marathon runner, a run a day keeps the stress away
3. The 3 Cs
Cigars & Conversations & Cash-flow
4. Hunting Season Is The Best Season
Will be found in a blind
5. God & Texas Country
The Golden Rule, a way of life

Blake is a proud Texan who loves living in the city and the country. He has been in the world of numbers for over 25 years – from supporting companies to managing his own.

Blake sold his company to work with Richard Lawless and the Lawless Group. This allowed him the right balance of city and country. He chose Lawless Group for the ever-changing landscape, pace, and diverse solutions within the industry.  As chief financial officer, Blake is involved in the detailed operations of our business and he is responsible for all financial and commercial aspects of the Lawless business for our customers and stakeholders. He brings a wealth of experience in managing acquisitions and mergers. Blake has a deep knowledge of the applications and disciplines needed to provide accurate and consistent assessments of investments. He’s a vital element of the Lawless Group’s success navigating the landscape to manage growth and drive strong top and bottom-line results.

When Blake is not in the city, you’ll find him in a blind or training for a marathon. He and his wife of 28 years, Leann, are parents-of-five (two human, three canine).


The Lawless GroupPioneers For Growth

Impact Solutions

no customer challenges are the same.

We provide solutions that cover the industry spectrum with one goal – sales impact. We help manufacturers and distributors penetrate the market through innovation, engagement and creating connected strategies that move people to action for profitable growth. MORE +

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