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Sales Team: 28 & Growing

Training Facility: 3,000 sq. ft. Dallas / 3,500 sq. ft. Houston

Warehouse Space: 103,000 sq. ft. Dallas / 200,000 sq. ft. Houston

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Mark Schindler
  -  President, Southwest (Houston)

1. Foundation First
Family and Faith
2. Hunting
Hunting season is the best season
3. & Dock Sitting
Whiskey neat with sunset
4. Purple & Gold
Geaux Tigers
5. God Bless Texas
Texas Raised Texans Made

A proud born Texan Mark Schindler leads the Southwest region with pride. Mark has been leading the Southwest for 13 years and is an industry veteran. His extensive product knowledge and sales training leadership helps customers go from business objectives to market-ready solutions. Manufacturers and distributors welcome Mark’s passion, determination and “get it done” philosophy.

The quintessential Texan Mark stands behind his team, customer challenges, and every one of the products Lawless represents. A known collaborator with customers, he helps develop solutions that move more product.

When he is not on a jobsite or sales call you can find him in peace with his wife Joy at their ranch.

Mark Semlow
  -  Director of Business Development, Southwest (Dallas)


  1. Family First
    Family above all else
  2. Circle Of Trust
    Friends old and new
  3. Que The Sauce
    Brisket makes for a happy man
  4. On A Boat
    Deep Sea fishing for the good life
  5. Skill Of Control
    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt

As the Director of Business Development, Mark Semlow boldly goes where no person has gone before. With over 20 years of industry experience, Mark leads new business opportunities of Lawless Southwest.

Mark’s philosophy? Act as if what you do makes a difference…because it does. His success is driven by his ability to build genuine connections with people at all levels, consistently achieving higher levels of success while creating relationships of trust and confidence with customers.

While Mark is humble – we will brag. Mark is Yale graduate who brings extensive experience from Clorox, Igloo and Westinghouse. Mark goes above and beyond for customers – with his no quit attitude, Jiu-Jitsu belt and knowledge of almost anything, we are thrilled he’s on the team.

David Stevens
  -  VP Concrete Division, Southwest (Dallas)

1. Ties That Bind

Family above all else
2. Titles That Matter
Husband, Dad & Grandpa
3. Literally, In The Field
Can be found outdoors or in a blind
4. Honesty & Respect
Treat others with kindness
5. Texas Proud
Deep roots in the Lone Star State!

David Stevens brings 38 years’ experience to Lawless Southwest. He is an expert in concrete accessory products: road and bridge construction, concrete forming, waterproofing, drainage materials, rebar.

David helps identify new opportunities for LGSW, leading expansion into the concrete channel. His is responsible for line management and customer satisfaction. Managing educational programs, for both customers and end-users. His experience and expertise provide greater capabilities for our customers.

Previously he was a regional sales manager for OCM before joining Lawless Southwest. He spent 28 years in the distribution channel for concrete and rebar products.

David and his wife Dawn have been married 37 years. They enjoy cruises and camping in the RV at state parks and resorts.  He is also a proud pet parent 3 dogs and a cat.

Victor Stephens
  -  VP of Sales, Southwest (Houston)

1. Jason, Family & Faith
Father & Son unbreakable bond
2. Rod & Reel in Hand
A good day is a day on the boat
3. If you Build It . . .
They will visit and enjoy
4. Golden Rule
Live by, Service by
5. God Bless Texas
Born and raised

A salesman who has been around the block a few times. Started in this business at 16 and has been in sales for 36 years to be exact. Victor has an unwavering dedication, making sure service is on point, consistent and meets the customer’s needs.

The only thing larger than Victor’s role at Lawless is the size of his heart. Coupling his dedication with his deep concern for the people around him, he is a driving force that keeps Lawless moving successfully forward. As VP of Sales, Victor leads business strategy for our customers.

Basically, Victor is a can-do guy with a lot of heart. He makes sure things get done and jumps in daily to make it happen. Call that role what you will: Driven Leader, Committed Quartermaster, or Jack of All Trades. We’re just thankful he looks out for us and our customers.

When he’s not making it happen at Lawless you can find him fishing, woodworking and spending time with family. He’s a skilled craftsman who built his own house!

So, really: how can he help you?

Lynn Grado
  -  Director of Warehouse Operations

1. Mi Familia

Proud Italian American
2. Titles That Matter
Husband, Dad & Pops
3. Thank You For Your Service
Proud supporter of our veterans and active military
4. Texas Sunshine & Blue Bonnets
Seen best on 2 wheels
5. You Don’t Know . . .
unless you ask!

Lynn Grado does what needs to be done and has been since 1995. He has worked in all aspects of the business from purchasing to customer service to sales and warehousing. His experience, dedication and loyalty have been vital to the Lawless Group.

Today Lynn is the Director of Warehouse Operation, responsible for directing all warehouse operations including inventory, shipping, and receiving. He manages the team and oversees that all inventory is picked, packed, and ready to be loaded for shipment in the most efficient way possible.

Lynn has dedicated his life to service. Service to supporting our troops, service to our customers and service to his family. Service that gets the job done and moves more product. Service we are honored he gives tirelessly, each and every day.

When Lynn is not moving product, you can find him moving up and down the road. Whether on a long Harley ride with his wife Linda or burning the road to visit their 5 children and 14 grandchildren. When not on the road you’ll find them with a margarita in hand and of course chips and dip. We’ll raise our glass to that and a job well done!

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